While traditional fiberglass insulation has been a staple of residential and commercial construction for over 100 years, there have been a number of advancements made in both material quality and product development that have enabled fiberglass batts to still be a viable form of insulation today. Batts can either come with a kraft vapor barrier or unfaced, with a separate barrier added during the installation. Batts come in both standard and high densities, which allows for higher resistance values to be achieved within smaller spaces. All batts installed in a sloped or flat ceiling are also properly ventilated with baffles, allowing for air flow between the ridge and the soffit vent.

Rockwool is another type of batt insulation which combines fireproof materials and superior thermal efficiency within the same product. Rockwool is the only fireproof solution for balloon framed rehab projects or around existing chimney structures within an attic. Rockwool is fully non-combustible and contains no asbestos or formaldehyde. Rockwool also provides the most effective acoustical solution of any insulation, and is often installed in the interior walls of a bathroom or a bedroom.