Blown-in cellulose is the most environmentally friendly option for insulating your home. Commonly used in the flat ceiling of the attic, cellulose is often the best answer in many renovation or rehab projects. In some projects access to an area is the biggest limiting factor in our ability to insulate. The hose of the cellulose insulation system can be used to access horizontal areas which would otherwise be unreachable.

Cellulose is particularly effective when applied in an attic setting. These open blows allow us to blanket the attic floor with one continuous layer of insulation. The density of cellulose is less than that of traditional batts, so the blanket rises far above the ceiling joist providing excellent protection from air infiltration.

Cellulose or fiberglass can also be blown into an exterior wall or between floors. These applications are called drill and plugs, and are often utilized in home improvement or rehab projects. Drill and plugs can be done from either the interior or the exterior of the home. All work completed in this manor will be done in full accordance with LeadSMART best practices under the supervision of a certified lead renovator.