There are multiple options for gutters in both residential and commercial applications. While the main purpose of installing a gutter system is to keep rainfall away from the foundation of the structure, there are other applications and products that can enhance a gutters form and function. Gutter systems can be designed to compensate for any roof system, ice damn problem or tree cover situation.

Residential 5K or Commercial 6”- both of these seamless aluminum gutter systems can be hung on flat or angled fascia boards in home improvement or rehab projects. A wide variety of colors are available in the 5 inch residential size. Commercial 6 inch gutter is only available in white, eggshell, musket brown, royal brown, and green.

Aluminum half-round or copper gutters- both of these gutter systems can be utilized in order to achieve a specific curb appeal. Aluminum half-round gutters come with sleek circular downspouts and a solid white finish that compliment beach communities and the shoreline very well. Copper gutters look best on a large home with existing curb appeal.



Gutter guard is installed with a new system or onto an already existing system in order to prevent the downspouts from becoming clogged with debris. Clogged gutters can freeze during the winter and damage the gutter system itself, most commonly in the form of dragging the gutter down away from the roof. Black backsplash and a sagging pitch in the gutter are the most common symptoms of damage and can be prevented by installing mesh or aluminum gutter guard.

Mesh gutter guard- aluminum mesh gutter guard is not simply draped over the top of your gutter; it is specifically designed to snap into the 5” and 6” K-style systems. The hard mesh stops all but pine needles from entering into the gutter. Other rubber style mesh guards do not hold up and can be spotted from the ground. Our mesh guards lie flat along the top of the opening, invisible from the ground below.

Diamond guard- the latest in gutter cover development, Diamond covers feature openings too small for maple seeds or even pine needles to get through. Despite the increased protection, Diamond guard is rated to hold up during rainfall that exceeds Connecticut weather conditions. Diamond is a great solution for those who do not wish to make gutter cleaning a regular chore.