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C&R Insulation offers a variety of solutions to suit the various needs of our customers. Below are some of the services we offer in addition to the installation of standard materials. We are confident that some combination of our products and our solutions will fully suit your needs as a homeowner or a business.

Air seal – can be done in a new construction in its entirety or in certain areas of a rehab or home improvement project. The air seal is formed when fire-retardant caulk is used to plug all possible air infiltration spots before the insulation is installed in an exterior wall, doorframe or window. Even a well-insulated wall can be rendered energy inefficient be the presence of a few small air leaks. This process can also be done in the basement along the rim-joist, with or without spray foam.

Flash and batt – a thin layer of spray foam is applied inside of an exterior wall or a ceiling and the rest of the void is filled with a traditional fiberglass batt. This solution provides the high quality air seal of spray foam at a lower cost. This is also a good solution for 2×10 or 2×12 sloped walls where a high resistance value must be achieved within a limited space. The fiberglass batt is more protected from degradation when installed in this manor, because it is shielded by the spray foam.

Clean-outs and reinstalls – attics, basements and crawlspaces are among the most difficult areas to access when it comes to installing new insulation. Many of these locations require going into a confined damp space in order to remove moldy or rotten insulation. Oftentimes small animals have infiltrated these areas and have made them their nest. C&R Insulation will gladly venture into your crawlspace and leave it clean and up to code. Insulation installed underneath the heated living space is always properly supported by wire supports or mesh netting.

Gutter teardown and repair – many rehab projects have gutters in various states of disrepair. Some runs can be rehung while others are warped beyond repair. If you need your gutters re-pitched and not replaced, C&R can make sure that the gutter system performs just as you need it to. Other gutter options include installation of commercial sized downspouts in problem areas to increase water flow, extensions, tie-ins to existing drainage, and zip hinges. A zip hinge is installed on the elbow of a gutter attached to an extension chute, allowing it to be docked in an upward position for lawn maintenance and accessibility.